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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2021. – Issue 27

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Trubin A.A., Romashin R.V. Research of the temperature dependence in the cutting area on the flow rate of a lubricant-cooling liquid jet when cutting with a thrust cutter with a T15K6 hard alloy plate ... 5
  2. Aslanov J.N., Sultanova A.B., Huseynli Z.S. Research of uniform distribution of relative pressure in the sealing unit of the gate valve ... 11
  3. Zorenko D.A., Fadina D.S. Features of the application of additive technologies in the production of housing elements of compact gearboxes ... 16
Mathematics and mechanics
  1. Semenova M.N., Bebikhov Yu.V. Mathematical modeling of physical processes in the crystal structures of metals and alloys ... 21
  2. Fomin A.M., Chabunin I.S., Shmaglyuk M.E. The method of calculating straight-line centrally compressed bars on stability ... 24
Mechatronics and robotics
  1. Sapegin A.M., Chirov A.N., Seredin E.A. Laboratory stereoscopic system ... 31
  2. Matveev S.A., Shirobokov O.V., Slobodzyan N.S., Gorbunov A.V. Constructive and software methods for reducing the vibration of spacecraft electric pump unit ... 34
Electrical and Electronics
  1. Khoiutanov A.M., Vasilyev P.F., Davydov G.I. Analysis of the causes of failures and disruptions to the normal operation of elements of electric power systems operating on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) ... 37
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Mantserov S.A., Okunev A.V., Kocherov A.V. Forecasting the operation of complex technical equipment using fuzzy logic methods ... 43
  2. Semenova M.N., Popova U.V. Solving Nonlinear Differential Equations in MatLab ... 46
  3. Tagirova K.F., Vulfin A.M., Shalupov I.S. Improving the accuracy of predicting the profitability of oil production wells using intelligent machine learning technologies ... 50
Materials science
  1. Semenova M.N. Properties of delocalized nonlinear vibrational modes in grapheme ... 63
Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems
  1. Valiev A.R., Gaisin E.M., Safin F.R. Satellite monitoring system as an effective method for controlling the operation parameters of machine-tractor units ... 66
  2. Avzalov Ya.R., Rafikova R.R., Rafikov D.I., Shilov S.I. Results of adjustment of electric hydraulic injectors with piezo drive ... 71
  3. Valiev A.R., Nurkaev A.M., Rafikova R.R., Rafikov D.I. Method for optimizing the basic characteristics of control the fuel inlection in diesel ... 74
  4. Valiev A.R., Rafikov D.I., Urmanov V.G., Shavaleev R.R. Study of the effect of air clearance between piezopack and injector valve ... 77
  1. Matrosov S.V. Algorithm prognostic control of system of crossroads based on macroscopic models of traffic flows ... 80
  2. Balakina E.V., Moskvicheva V.V. Analysis of the impact of artificial road irregularities on the wheel of the vehicle ... 88