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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2021. – Issue 26

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Vodolazskaya N.V. Improving reliability of critical joints by modeling their assembly process ... 5
  2. Burdo G.B., Rubin P.M., Ispiryan N.V., Ispiryan S.R. Operational planning models based on priority schemes ... 10
  3. Roshchin M.N. Investigation of improvement of tribological properties of a modified friction surface of a carbon-containing material with copper oxide ... 17
  4. Burdo G.B., Rubin P.M., Ispiryan N.V., Ispiryan S.R. Organizational and technological approach to design of CAD technological processes ... 22
  5. Nosov N.V., Yakubovich E.A. Research of the surface quality of the compressor blades feather after diamond vibrocontact polishing ... 27
  6. Burdo G.B., Ispiryan N.V., Ispiryan S.R. Integrated automated design and management systems ... 32
Mathematics and mechanics
  1. Sharipova L.L. Phase transition zones in a small strain approach ... 36
Transport, mining and construction machinery
  1. Lukienko L.V. Simulation of the operation of heavily loaded rack-and-pinion gears under conditions of significant variation of the axial distance ... 43
  2. Sultanova A.B., Huseynli Z.S. Geological and technical factors affecting the quality of sealing cuffs used in the operation of wells ... 48
Instrument making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
  1. Kozelkova V.O., Kozelkov O.V., Kashaev R.S. Determination of droplets size distribution in oil-water emulsions by the method of nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry ... 53
  2. Matveev Yu.V. Analysis of the measurement error of the amount of energy in the automated system of its control and accounting ... 59
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Shifrin B.M., Eliseev I.V. Smart Clinic design technologies ... 63
  2. Mitryeva O.E, Pecheykina M.A., Rakov D.L. Possibilities of creating cyber-physical systems based on the morphological approach ... 66
Engineering geometry and computer graphics
  1. Strelyanaya Yu.O., Tarakhovskiy A.Yu. Finite element analysis of the spindle shaft at the design stage ... 70
Materials science
  1. Shevchuk K.A. Production of glued wood materials is the basis for effective use of forest resources ... 73
  1. Gavrilov T.A. Modeling the process of grinding meat and bone feed by the method of damage accumulation ... 77
  2. Belov M.I., Storchevoy V.F., Kabdin N.E., Anashin D.V. Rational profile of a rotary tiller knife ... 82
  3. Matveev Yu.V. Analysis of the use of autonomous electric wind pumping units for water supply ... 92
Construction and architecture
  1. Gavrilov T.A. The influence of snow cover on the nature of road freezing ... 95
Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering
  1. Ksendzenko L.S., Boyko L.A. Interdisciplinary connects as a factor of the formation general professional competences students of engineering specialties ... 100