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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2022. – Issue 30

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Eremyants V.E. To the choice of rational parameters rotational-pendulum impact mechanism ... 5
  2. Abdulrahman H.N., Mukutadze M.A., Kirishchieva V.I., Shvedova V.E. Increasing the wear resistance of a radial sliding bearing with a non-circular profile of the bearing surface in the presence of a coating on the surface of the shaft ... 11
  3. Biryukov V.P., Goryunov N.A., Zubkov M.A. Improving the mechanical and tribotechnical characteristics of steels during laser thermal hardening ... 20
  4. Biryukov V.P., Goryunov N.A., Printsc A.N. Preparation of composite coatings and determination of their tribological properties during laser surfacing ... 24
  5. Mukutadze M.A., Mukutadze A.M., Kirishchieva V.I., Shvedova V.E. Calculation model of a micropolar lubricant in the working gap of a wedge-shaped sliding support ... 29
  6. Biryukov V.P., Goryunov N.A., Printsc A.N. Effect of additives to base oils to improve tribotechnical characteristics in friction pairs ... 38
  7. Markov V.A., Sokolova V.A., Ivanov A.M., Mel'nikov M.A., Boyarshinov I.A. Design of a loading and storage device for a robotic technological complex ... 42
  8. Eliseev A.V., Kuznetsov N.K., Nikolaev A.V. Dynamic invariants in the evaluation of structural features of mechanical oscillatory systems under the condition of connectivity of external force disturbances ... 47
  9. Mukutadze A.M. Increasing the wear resistance of wedge-shaped sliding supports with a modified support profile ... 27
Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering
  1. Okunev V.S. Approaches to justifying the safety of nuclear reactors based on the ideas of game theory ... 57
Instrument making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
  1. Moiseev A.A. Land-based identification of satellite’s control ... 60
Electrical and Electronics
  1. Plotnikov S.M., Kolmakov O.V. Determining the equivalent resistance of long lines ... 67
  2. Bebikhov Yu.V., Kazazaeva D.V., Kaygorodov A.N. Mathematical model of the electric drive system of the main fan installation ... 71
  3. Bebikhov Yu.V., Fedotov V.V., Gavrishev M.L. Mathematical model of the electric drive system of the skip hoist installation ... 76
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Pavlov V.A. Data consistency implementation in distributed systems ... 81
  2. Pham Q.Ph., Filimonov N.B. Pareto optimization of homing system of cruise missile on maneuvering aerial targets using the genetic algorithm ... 88
Engineering geometry and computer graphics
  1. Vyatkin S.I., Dolgovesov B.S. Smoothing of functionally defined objects in scenes with global illumination ... 96
Materials science
  1. Roshchin M.N. Carbon-containing materials in friction units at high temperatures ... 104
  2. Roshchin M.N. Temperature distribution in the metal-ceramic coating at the time of its addition to the base ... 107
  3. Semenova M.N., Semenov A.S., Sabychikova A.A. Nonlinear oscillations in crystal lattices of metals under forced actions at terahertz frequencies ... 110
  1. Balakina E.V., Moskvicheva V.V. Diagnosis of the technical condition of the suspension by the ABS sensor ... 113
Construction and architecture
  1. Lavrov N.P., Loginov G.I., Kurumshiev B.B. Improvement of the structure of the water intake hydraulic plants of derivative hydropower plants ... 117
Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering
  1. Boyko L.A., Ksendzenko L.S. To the question of the quality of fundamental engineering education in a technical university in the conditions of a pandemic ... 124
  1. Retraction ... 127