Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2019. – Issue 16. – 126 p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Laponov S.V. Brief overview of emulsion research methods for evaluating the work of rotor-disk mixers ... 5-7

Suleymanov D.F., Suleymanova A.A. The design of rollers for receiving the corrugated sheets of polyvinyl chloride materials ... 8-10

Alisin V.V. Effect of sliding speed on tribological characteristics of zirconium dioxide crystals ... 11-14

Miroshnikov V.Yu. Investigation of the stress state of a multilayer medium consisting of a layer, half-space and a cylindrical pipe, with displacements specified on the boundary surfaces ... 15-23

Roshchin M.N., Krivosheev A.Yu. Investigation of the dependence of the friction coefficient of new carbon-containing materials on the load at high temperatures ... 24-26

Kukushkin S.V., Chabukashvili T.G., Chaykina K.A., Sherstyukov V.G. Cold driving test stand ... 27-33

Freidman O.A., Malanina Yu.N. Logistics technologies in machine-building industry ... 34-37

Abdrazakov F.G., Plotnikov D.O., Rafikova R.R. Modernized discharge valve for fuel supply system with electronic control ... 38-41

Ogloblin V.A., Malanina Yu.N., Vikhoreva M.V. Small innovative engineering enterprises on the territories of advanced development: problem issues and growing-points ... 42-49

Insafuddinov S.Z., Valiev A.R., Plotnikov D.O. Increase diesel engine performance by turning off cylinders ... 50-55

Mathematics and mechanics

Gavrilov T.A., Stankevich T.B., Anpilogova O.А., Ratkova E.I. Modeling of the process of capillary migration of moisture in the forest road construction ... 56-58

Boyko L.A., Ksenzenko L.S. Laws of distribution of normal temperature stresses in stochastically inhomogeneous medium ... 59-64

Mechatronics and robotics

Bokhonsky A.I., Varminskaya N.I., Mozolevskaya T.V. Designing an elastic system with preset eigenfrequencies ... 65-72

Transport, mining and construction machinery

Gusev D.A., Valiev A.R., Karimov H.T., Davletova E.R. Laboratory installation for testing means and methods of heat preparation of autotractor equipment ... 73-76

Balakina E.V., Sarbaev D.S., Sergienko I.V., Kochetov M.S., Tatarintsev A.E. Analysis of possible values of lateral forces operating a braked vehicle ... 77-81

Gusev D.A., Valiev A.R., Urmanov V.G., Kim A.B. Application of modern software products for research of the process of thermal preparation of autotractor equipment ... 82-86

Electrical and Electronics

Matveev Yu.V. Energy-saving aspects of powerful adjustable asynchronous cascade electric drives ... 87-91

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Shcherbatov I.A., Tsurikov G.N., Maksimova E.V., Bukanyov A.N., Nazarenko A.S. Data processing in predictive analytics system for energy facilities ... 92-94

Materials science

Sedov E.V., Bondareva O.P., Kryuchkov O.B., Karpova E.Y. The study of the mechanical and operational properties of wear-resistant high-carbon alloy steel ... 95-97

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Zykov A.V., Perekopskiy A.N., Zakharov A.M. Method for preparing concentrated feed ... 98-100

Zykov A.V. The computer control system of machine technologies of harvesting the rolled hay ... 101-106

Zykov A.V., Zakharov A.M., Yunin V.A. Infrared method for drying vegetable raw materials ... 107-110


Kolesnikov G.N., Gavrilov T.A., Stankevich T.B., Anpilogova O.А. Investigation of the influence of heterogeneities in the form of stumps on the capillary moisture migration process in the forest road construction ... 111-113

Markovnina A.I., Makarov V.S., Belyakov V.V., Tsyganov N.D. Investigation of the active safety of a car using multi-criteria assessment ... 114-117

Gafurov V.D., Zinatullin V.V., Abdrazakov F.G., Kabirov A. Analysis of fuel consumption by machine-tractor units ... 118-122

Construction and architecture

Palamarchuk A.A., Shishakina O.A. Polymer concrete – modern building material ... 123-125