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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2024. – Issue 40

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Rakov D.L., Bardenhagen A., Pecheykina M.A., Todorov V.T. Selection of reference design solutions and innovation assessments within the morphological analysis ... 5
  2. Biryukov V.P., Yakubovsky A.A. Analysis of abrasive wear of polymers and their composites ... 9
Mechatronics and robotics
  1. Biryukov N.S., Eliseev I.V. Development of a grinding unit for a cylindrical product processing complex ... 14
  2. Evdokimov A.P. Development of a methodology for the analysis and synthesis of kinematic structures of drilling manipulators ... 22
  3. Pham Q.P. Optimization of uav flight routes for group border patrolling using genetic algorithm ... 28
  4. Yang Shuai. Optimal consensus control of multi-agent systems ... 36
Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering
  1. Kaigorodov S.Yu., Rumenko D.N., Harahordina A.Yu., Kosovenko A.A., Varlakova A.R. Analysis of the efficiency of hydraulic and pneumatic straight-through diode ... 43
  2. Lipatov M.S., Kozlov V.V. Analyzing the protection of heat network pipelines ... 49
Electrical and Electronics
  1. Lazarev N.I., Kuznetsov N.M. Solar energy for power supply of remote consumers in Murmansk region ... 55
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Golubnichiy A.S., Semenov D.V. Social media and big data analysis: study of user behavior and trends ... 59
  2. Talagaev Yu.V., Shvets D.A. Synchronization of two chaotic Sprott systems based on superstability conditions ... 66
  3. Shifrin B.M. Development of information model for the sulphate pulp production ... 71
  4. Andreev R.A., Dulesov A.S. Prospects for the development of software architecture ... 75
Materials science
  1. Roshchin M.N. Carbon-containing material Carbon dioxide in friction nodes when temperature and load change ... 80
  2. Roshchin M.N. Effect of coating thickness on laser reflow time on VT6 titanium alloy ... 83
  3. Korobchuk M.V. Fluoropolymer coatings in subsea production systems: status and issues, necessary solutions ... 86
Construction and architecture
  1. Zenkov E.V. Joint application of bim and cae technologies on the example of the development of capital construction facilities ... 91
Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering
  1. Lashina E.N. The use of information and communication technologies in teaching a foreign language to students of technical specialties at a university ... 96