Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2020. – Issue 22. – 138p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Zorenko D.A. CAE-modeling of laser-oxygen cutting of steel sheets ... 5

Bodakov M.A., Kaganovskaya N.D., Sakharov A.V. Development of experimental setup for determining of friction coefficient of composite brake wheel ... 9

Mathematics and mechanics

Kuznetsov V.G. Analysis of stresses and deformations in a hollow cylinder under the influence of internal pressure and of field of temperatures ... 16

Parshin D.A. Some technological abilities to control the stresses developing in products of cylindrical shape in the processes of their additive manufacturing ... 22

Transport, mining and construction machinery

Denisenko T.G., Kozyavin D.D. Overview of oil recovery methods in the existing horizontal shafts ... 27

Erem'yants V.E., Sultanaliev B.S. Dynamics of excavator’s EO-2621 manipulator with the mounted hammer "Impulse-100" ... 32

Lukienko L.V. Methodology of model experimental studies of rack and pinion CHS ... 40

Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering

Kachaev D.K., Nazarov D.A., Kolmakov V.O. Wear of contact wires and measures to reduce it ... 44

Electrical and Electronics

Davydov G.I., Khoiutanov A.M., Vasilyev P.F. Electric energy transport in the Arctic ... 48

Khoiutanova S.A., Khoiutanov A.M., Vasilyev P.F., Davydov G.I. Development of recommendations for optimizing the costs of maintaining local energy facilities ... 52

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Ivannikov A.D. Internet portals as the means of educational resources integration ... 57

Sadchikov Yu.G. Application of the linear matrix inequalities technique for stabilization of a double link inverted pendulum ... 64

Kudlak V.V., Maslennikov A.L. Star sensor simulation utilizing Stellarium and MathWorks MATLAB software ... 73

Engineering geometry and computer graphics

Balankov N.V., Bukunov S.V. Developing a cross-platform application using Qt library on the example of a graphical vector editor ... 79

Materials science

Makarov V.S., Molev Yu.I., Markov A.I. Some features during production of products using hot isostatic pressing ... 90

Manyanin S.E., Vaxidov U.Sh., Maslov K.A. Ways to improve the quality of products using hot isostatic pressing ... 94

Kletsova O.A., Gryzunov V.I., Sergienko S.N., Firsova N.V., Ivanyuk M.V., Shchegolev A.V. Features of behavior during plastic deformation and corrosivity of two-phase non-metallic inclusions in low-carbon steel alloyed with aluminum ... 98

Surgaeva E.S., Udin P.E., Yakubovich E.A. Selecting the optimum annealing mode of the brass case in the reloading process ... 106

Grebnev Yu.V., Karpovа E.Yu., Grebnev D.Yu., Guzdenak I.O., Kulyabа A.Yu. Surface alloying of steel castings in sand and clay forms using flexible inserts ... 113

Koshcheev K.I., Yakubovich E.A. Analysis of the failure causes of the drained pump-compressor pipe under the conditions of operation in a hydrogen-sulfur environment ... 118

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Vlaskin V.V. Methodology of running-in and testing of turbochargers of automotive engines after repair ... 124

Construction and architecture

Chernousov N.N., Sturova V.A., Chursin E.V., Liventseva A.A. Determination of the orientation coefficient of fiber reinforcement by the cross-sectional area of a compressed composite thin-walled element in the interval (0.4 ... 0.6) H/Lf ... 129

Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering

Ksendzenko L.S., Boyko L.A. On the formation of interdisciplinary connections in the cycle of natural science disciplines at a technical university ... 134