Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2020. – Issue 21. – 102p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Mironov A.S., Eliseev A.V. System bases of formation of a set of standard links in applications of structural mathematical modeling methods to problems of dynamics of technological and transport machines ... 5

Roshchin M.N., Mishanova V.G. Performance of friction units of spacecraft with carbon-containing materials in the atmosphere of Venus ... 15

Zorenko D.A. On the formation of wear-resistant micro-arc ceramic coatings on the surfaces of complex parts ... 19

Sidorov D.E., Tarakhovskiy A.Yu. Features of gear wheels obtained by gear grinding ... 22

Mathematics and mechanics

Karakeev T.T., Rustamova D.K., Bugubaeva J.T. Nonlocal boundary value problem for second-order partial differential equations ... 25

Bugubaeva Zh.T. About convergence of the Method of the final sums for Volterra linear integral equations of the third kind ... 33

Karakeev T.T., Bugubaeva Zh.T. Regularization of Volterra linear integral equations of the third kind with the multiplication operator to non-decreasing function ... 39

Gavrilov T.A. Mathematical modeling of the deformation process of a beam from frozen soil with an evolving crack ... 45

Vishnevsky D.A., Sotnikov A.L. Assessment of the psychophysiological state of the metallurgical operator during the working process in real time ... 49

Transport, mining and construction machinery

Sarbaev D.S., Sergienko I.V., Kochetov M.S., Gorbatova V.V. Selecting the inclination angle of the pin axis of the driven wheel in the transverse vertical plane ... 53

Melnov K.V. Improvement of the structure of the force pulse formation mechanism applied in horizontal directional drilling ... 58

Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering

Scobora N.D, Medvedeva L.I. Aniline rectification process: technology, sensors for measuring basic parameters ... 61

Plotnikov S.M. Optimization of grain sizes in electrical steel by criterion of minimum magnetic losses ... 64

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Filimonov A.B., Filimonov N.B. On the question of the construction of modal compensators for multidimensional regulation systems ... 68

Tao S., Smirnov A.S., Astashev M.G. Mathematical model of controlled electric signal filtration based on reinforcement learning ... 75

Zaika V.V., Maslennikov A.L. Digital control of the spherical pendulum ... 82

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Kolesnikov G.N., Gavrilov T.A., Stankevich T.B. Improving the efficiency of processing organic waste from agriculture and forestry ... 89

Zakharov A.M., Zykov A.V. Installation for washing potato tubers ... 95

Zakharov A.M., Zykov A.V. The study of the aerodynamic method of cleaning potato tubers ... 98