Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – North Charleston, USA: SRC MS, CreateSpace. – 2019. – Issue 14, Volume 1. – 94 p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Poletaev V.A., Golyas A.A. Improving the quality of manufacturing electric pump details by combined hardening ... 6-13

Fedotkin R.S., Kryuchkov V.A., Bogdanov V.A., Ovcharenko A.S. Experimental investigation of force and geometrycal factors in pin engagement of drive sprockets and rubber-reinforced tracks of transport-technologycal vehicle ... 14-19

Abdraimov E.E., Abduraimov А.Е., Abdraimov E.S. Active link in the kinematic scheme with instant kinematic indefinability ... 20-26

Roshchin M.N. Low wear on the variator speed combines aluminum alloy by plasma spraying ... 27-30

Alisin V.V. The effect of orientation of crystals of zirconium dioxide hardness ... 31-34

Roshchin M.N. Modification of surface friction cccm pairs of tin selenide for high temperatures ... 35-38

Ershov D.Yu., Lukyanenko I.N. Determining the number of load cycles in the hydraulic motor bearings ... 39

Mathematics and mechanics

Tsegelskiy V.G., Krylovskiy A.E. Aerodynamic hysteresis from the perspective of non-equilibrium thermodynamics ... 45-57

Bokhonsky A.I., Varminskaya N.I. Movement forms of anthropomorphic manipulator ... 58-63

Tereshchenko V.G. Examples of application of the system of quantities of mechanics containing only dimensional quantities ... 64-68

Eliseev S.V., Kuznetsov N.K, Eliseev A.V., Mironov A.S. Reduced dynamic stiffness in structural models of technological and transport machines ... 69-78

Mechatronics and robotics

Korolev V.A., Vorotyntsev B.N., Tsvetkov V.A., Popov V.V. Analytical calculations of the relay pneumatic drive with friction positioning ... 79-83

Rasskazchikov N.G. Technological robots control for mechanical processing ... 84-88

Balakina E.V., Sarbaev D.S. Sergienko I.V., Tatarintsev A.E. History of the car tire development ... 89-93

Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – North Charleston, USA: SRC MS, CreateSpace. – 2019. – Issue 14, Volume 2. – 121 p.

Electrical and Electronics

Koneva S.A., Oleynichenko N.N. Stability of the parabolic system with the late argument ... 100-103

Oleynichtnko N.N., Koneva S.A. Application of fast Fourier transformation for modeling of voltage regulation systems of synchronous generators with pulse regulators ... 104-107

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Burakov M.V. Neural network supervisor of PID controller with genetic tuning ... 108-111

Filimonov A.B., Rashidi A.H. An algebraic method for the synthesis of linear predictors with finite impulse response ... 112-117

Shcherbatov I.A. Current state of predictive analytics systems development in the energy sector ... 118-123

Maslennikov A.L., Scherbak O.Yu. Wrist joint range of motion computation utilizing IMU ... 124-129

Maslennikov A.L., Tsygankova I.S. Integration of actual and predicted GNSS data ... 130-135

Klevanskiy N.N., Krasnikov A.A. Decentralized multi-project scheduling problem: new approaches and visualizations ... 136-144

Materials science

Pavlov I.G. Temperature dependencies of charge collection efficiency of the sensors based on GaAs:Cr structures ... 145-148

Kokoreva O.G. Study of microstructure of samples strengthened by static and pulse treatment ... 149-152

Natalenko V.S., Pavlov A.P. Indicators of hardness of the coating obtained by electrocontact welding composite filler materials ... 153-156

Valiev A.R., Natalenko V.S. Electrode drive unit of seam resistance welding ... 157-161

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Zykov A.V., Yunin V.A., Zakharov A.M. The use of database management systems in the design of technologies of forage production ... 162-166

Zykov A.V., Yunin V.A., Zakharov A.M. Technological features of artificial drying herbs ... 167-169

Valiev A.R., Gaskarov I.R., Natalenko V.S. Diagnosis of turbo compressors cartridges after repair ... 170-173


Sabaev V.V., Verevkin A.V. Development of the specialized equipment for diagnosing of the autoservice equipment on the example of piston compressors ... 174-176

Vasykov A.M., Reznikov E.A., Chabunin I.S. Dependence between vibration load on the driver and accommodation scheme of the two-axle truck ... 177-182

Musabekov Z.E., Muhammadjonov M.N. Highly economical car EE Ravon ... 183-185

Bazarov B.I., Magdiev K.I., Sidikov F.Sh., Odilov O.Z. Modern trends in the use of alternative motor fuels ... 186-189

Korsunskiy V.A. Mathematical model of transport vehicle with combined power installation, flywheel energy storage and stepped transmission ... 190-196

Verevkin A.V., Sabaev V.V. Vibration method of diagnosing of the compressor equipment ... 197-199

Valiev A.R., Abdrazakov F.G., Sosnitsky V.V. Organization of rolling stock diagnostics in real time ... 200-204

Construction and architecture

Aksenov M.A., Kazarnovskiy V.A. Basic requirements for construction of low-rise buildings ... 205-209

Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering

Aleksandrov A.A., Kapyrin P.A., Meshkov N.A., Neusypin K.A., Popovich A.E., Proletarsky A.V. Bases of theory and experience of application of gamification in the advanced higher technical education ... 210-214