Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2019. – Issue 17, Volume 1. – 108p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Buresnev Yu.L. Control process insetin when processing corpus details ... 6

Miroshnikov V.Yu., Protsenko V.S. Determining the stress state of a layer on a rigid base weakened by several longitudinal cylindrical cavities ... 11

Gerasimova A.A., Baleeva L.M. Improvement of schemes and modes of forging process technology ... 22

Strelyanaya Yu.О. Development of a mathematical model of the turning operation of characteristic behavior of the dynamic system in deviations from the nominal mode ... 27

Shabashov A.A. Features of development of the layout of the production and technological line for the production of manipulator-type machines ... 35

Chirov A.N., Zhumabaev E.N., Sapegin A.M., Sviridon R.A. The control device of the shock stand ... 38

Chirov A.N., Zhumabaev E.N., Sapegin A.M., Sviridon R.A. Innovative activity of a modern enterprise as a factor of its competitiveness ... 41

Rasskazchikov N.G. Laser thermal hardening of rotary crusher knives ... 44

Annenkov Ph.M. Detection of welded joint fatigue damage using vibrodiagnostics ... 48

Mathematics and mechanics

Kuznetsov V.G. Mathematical model and calculation of the temperature of a moving metal strip during multizone treatment of its surface by the cathode spots of vacuum arc discharge ... 52

Transport, mining and construction machinery

Remizovich Yu.V., Abdulaeva O.V. Device for gear selection in the gearbox crane mechanisms ... 58

Zenkov S.A. Determination of vibration equipment parameters to excavator bucks ... 63

Balakina E.V., Golubeva T.A., Sarbaev D.S. The longitudinal components of the normal reaction of the support surface to the wheel ... 66

Yurkevich A.V., Soldatkin V.A., Tereshin A.V., Yurkevich I.A. Comparative tests on fuel efficiency of a vehicle equipped with an ICE and a mechanical continuously variable transmission. Brief notes ... 69

Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering

Sannikov A.S., Chubarev V.E., Kolmakov V.O. Statistics and types of failures of traction electric motors of electric locomotives ... 74

Boiko E.A., Strashnikov A.V. Cogeneration power plant with gasification of carbon-containing fuel for decentralized areas of the krasnoyarsk territory ... 77

Zagorodniy I.V. System of technical diagnostics of the processes of slagaging and contamination of heating surfaces of pulverized coal steam power boilers ... 84

Orekh D.V., Zinoveva A.V., Safrygin D.S., Ovsyannikov A.Yu. On the issue of applying the 3D printing method to the repair of vane pumps ... 89

Orekh D.V., Zinoveva A.V., Ovsyannikov A.Yu. Analysis of the effectiveness of the NSh-32 in road construction equipment ... 93

Pronina A.K., Putilin K.P. On the issue of building protection of an induction motor from internal asymmetry and internal short circuits ... 96

Safrygin D.S., Orekh D.V., Ovsyannikov A.Yu. Advantages and disadvantages of a three-gear pump over a two-gear ... 102

Tereshin A.V., Yurkevich I.A. Continuously variable type of a mechanical transmission as a drive of shut-off and control valves in the oil and gas complex ... 105

Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2019. – Issue 17, Volume 2. – 90p.

Instrument making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems

Ershov D.Yu., Lukyanenko I.N. Statistical studies of stiffness coefficients and contact angles of instrument angles of angular contact ball bearings ... 114

Electrical and Electronics

Khoiutanov A.M., Vasilyev P.F., Davydov G.I. Application of thyristor parameter stabilizer for power take-off from half-wave power transmission ... 120

Plotnikov S.M., Kolmakov O.V. Analysis of losses in copper and steel in low power transformers ... 125

Koneva S.A, Tsaloev V.М. Construction of mathematical model of management rocess by heat exchange in puttee of electric machine ... 129

Koneva S.A, Tsaloev V.М. Investigation of the emergency transition process in the generator set of the ship's power plant ... 134

Matveev Yu.V. Energy saving in electric drives of lifting devices in transients ... 139

Matveev Yu.V. Management of autonomous power supply system with priority connection of consumers ... 143

Egorova E.A., Lisitsyn A.S. On the treatment of EEG in the diagnosis of epilepsy in children and adults ... 147

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Filimonov N.B., Sergeev A.A. Synthesis of control algorithm for the UAV vertical landing maneuver by the method of flexible kinematic trajectories ... 150

Kochkovskaya S.S. Development of program complex of the automatic working place for steel-smelting shop technologist ... 157

Serobabov A.S. Formation of ranges of variables of expert system using decision tree ... 161

Zenkin A.M., Kosareva E.A., Kirilenko I.I., Selezneva Ya.M., Kapitonov А.А. The system for detecting vacant parking spaces using machine learning algorithms ... 167

Engineering geometry and computer graphics

Mikhina A.V., Savinova K.S, Stroev V.M. Influence of defocusing on quality of image prelimi-nary processing at detection of moving objects ... 171

Materials science

Biryukov V.P., Sokolov S.N., Savin A.P. Determination of geometric parameters of hardening zones during laser hardening of steel ... 174

Biryukov V.P., Prince A.N., Starostin D.A., Klevetov D.V. Determination of the jamming load of copper-based coatings obtained by laser surfacing ... 178

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Zakharov A.M. Improving the quality of treatment of commodity potatoes ... 182

Zakharov A.M., Zykov A.V. Technological methods for the production of organic potatoes ... 186

Chugunov S.V., Rozhkov G.A., Zakharov A.M. Dependence of the yield of Timothy grass meadow on the method of inter-row processing ... 190

Construction and architecture

Poyda E.O. Fractal approach in the formation of the Arctic research center ... 193