Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – North Charleston, USA: SRC MS, CreateSpace. – 2019. – Issue 15. – 135 p.

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

Orlov A.S., Poletaev V.A. Hardening cutting tools of pulsed magnetic treatment ... 5-13

Sergeyev S.A., Tolmacheva V.M., Boev S.G., Yesipov D.A., Amelin V.Yu., Danilchenko V.I., Amelina N.V. Assessment of the impact of the constructive and technology parameters on the quality of the chain couplings and the subsystems ... 14-17

Vedernikova I.I., Poletaev V.A. Application of laser modification for strengthening the working surfaces of machine details ... 18-25

Biryukov V.P., Starostin D.A., Klevetov D.V. Determination of mechanical and tribological properties of friction surfaces during laser hardening of steel 40Cr ... 26-30

Vodolazskaya N.V. Modelling of process of probability estimation of threaded couple assemblability at various schemes of orientation ... 31-34

Roshchin M.N., Krivosheev A.Yu. Study of the influence of load by friction of carbonaceous materials at high temperatures ... 35-38

Malyshev E.N., Kolesnikov I.A. Research of surface roughness at contour milling ... 39-42

Dvornikov L.T., Shamsiev Kh.Kh. Features kinematic studies of the rocker-lever mechanism for retractable landing gear ... 43-45

Malyshev E.N., Averkina D.S. Analysis of the sensitivity of technical and economic characteristics of production to the choice of instrumental materials ... 46-50

Dvornikov L.T., Baklushina I.S., Zakirov M.Kh. Geometric proof of the immutability of building arches ... 51-55

Vasilenko V.V., Vernigora G.D., Mukutadze M.A., Opatskikh A.N., Sukhorukova O.B. Mathematical model of radial bearing of sliding with porous shaft coating and easy metal coating of bearing bush surface ... 56-63

Bondarenko I.R. Application of the method of possible movements when calculating the boundary working parameters of a jaw crushers ... 64-67

Mathematics and mechanics

Tsegelskiy V.G. Hysteresis in catalytic process from the perspective of non-equilibrium thermodynamics ... 68-76

Transport, mining and construction machinery

Balakina E.V., Sarbaev D.S., Sergienko I.V., Kochetov M.S., Barasov A.Sh., Gavrilov A.M. Experimental researches of the tire radial rigidity 4.10/3.50-5 ... 77-81

Podzirey Yu.S. Vertical take -off and lаnding on the basis of linear gas turbine engine ... 82-89

Instrument making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems

Matveev Yu.V. The measurement of insulation resistance of ship electrical equipment ... 90-93

Informatics, computer engineering and management

Kapyrin P.A., Kozhinov D.V., Meshkov N.A., Popovich A.E., Skokova A.V. Social institutionalization of information and communication space of the cossack world ... 94-98

Burakov M.V. Neural network supervisor of PID controller with genetic tuning ... 99-102

Filimonov A.B., Filimonov N.B. Factor of the right transmission zeroes in the problems of automatic regulation ... 103-109

Matvienko V.T. Optimization of multidimensional modal controller ... 110-116

Engineering geometry and computer graphics

Egorova E.A., Lisitsyn A.S. Diagnostics of biological objects by infrared radiation ... 117-119

Materials science

Shabashov A.A. Features of obtaining titanium alloy nanofibers for neurosugery and ophthaimology ... 120-125

Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems

Zykov A.V. Theoretical background for the development and manufacture high-temperature dryer with infrared radiation ... 126-129

Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering

Bagin V.A., Kapyrin P.A., Meshkov N.A., Neusypin K.A., Popovich A.E., Rizak D.A. Gamification in the advanced higher technical education: simulation teams of students ... 130-134