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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2023. – Issue 39

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Levshina A.S. Product quality improvement in the field of mechanical engineering: key strategies and methods ... 5
  2. Biryukov V.P., Goryunov Ya.A. Influence of laser hardening modes and quenching area on tribotechnical properties of cast iron-steel friction pairs ... 8
  3. Shvaleva N.A., Fadeev A.A. The issues of using pulse voltage for electrochemical machining of thin-walled parts with a profile cathode ... 14
  4. Chrenov R.S., Mishkina K.A., Strelyanaya Yu.O. Main tools of import substitution. reverse engineering and metrological control as tools for establishing in-house production ... 18
  5. Mishkina K.A., Jamanakova J.T., Strelyanaya Yu.O. National standardization of reverse engineering in the field of mechanical engineering ... 23
Transport, mining and construction machinery
  1. Shekhovtsova E.V. Improving the efficiency of operation of magnetic inductors in combination with rod depth pumps in conditions of high-viscosity oil production ... 27
  2. Lukienko L.V. To study the dynamic loading of the belt conveyor ... 36
Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering
  1. Okunev V.S. On the possibility of ensuring the safety of a large power reactor of the BREST-3000 type ... 39
Instrument making, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
  1. Moiseev A.A. Irradiator track building on Doppler’s shift dynamics ... 44
  2. Kolesnichenko K.P., Medvedeva L.I. Process temperature sensor analysis and selection ... 52
Electrical and Electronics
  1. Plotnikov S.M., Kolmakov V.O. Clarification of the optimal load factor in transformer ... 57
  2. Zaytsev A.A. Study of the impact of process variations of an integral loop filter on a pll frequency synthesizer performance ... 61
  3. Khoiutanov A.M., Davydov G.I., Vasilyev P.F. Study of microgrid operating modes in the conditions of the North ... 77
  4. Kolovsky A.V., Reutov D.B. Study of the influence of the shunt reactor control system on transient processes in the electric power system ... 82
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Vulfin A.M., Gayanova M.M., Ulyamaev T.I. Deep neural network models for medical named entity recognition ... 86
Materials science
  1. Ryabicheva L.A., Dydnik Yu.Yu. The effect of heat treatment on the structure formation and mechanical properties of low-alloy steel ... 102
  2. Dezhin V.V. Influence of point defects on internal friction during bending vibrations of screw dislocation in non-dissipative crystal ... 107
  3. Dezhin V.V. Influence of point defects on internal friction caused by electron braking of edge dislocation bending vibrations ... 113
Technology, machinery and equipment of Agroengineering systems
  1. Shablykin I.N. Justification of operating modes of the installation for pre-sale preparation of potato tubers ... 120
Construction and architecture
  1. Zagirov I.I., Talypov M.A., Bochkova A.D., Sokolova K.I., Kamaletdinov A.R., Permyakov V.N. The use of a frame made of light steel thin-walled structures ... 126