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Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2024. – Issue 41

Выходные данные

Mechanical engineering and engineering science

  1. Biryukov V.P., Yakubovsky A.A., Goryunov Ya.A. Abrasive wear resistance of polymers and their composites during friction with loose grain ... 5
  2. Lukyanov A.I. Fretting-selenium coating wear ... 9
  3. Shvaitser D.A., Bogoyavlensky A.V. Development of an automated honing process control system ... 13
  4. Loshagin A.V., Romashin R.V. Study of temperature dependence in the cutting zone on cooling conditions and machining time during milling with two-angle asymmetrical HSS milling cutter ... 19
  5. Germanov D.A. Using applications to solve technological problems ... 23
  6. Eliseev A.V., Mironov A.S. Features of joints of solids in the tasks of assessment, formation and correction of dynamic states of technical objects under conditions of vibration loads ... 26
Transport, mining and construction machinery
  1. Pechko G.E., Bolobov V.I. A possible reason for the insufficient service life of excavator crawler tracks on large EKG type excavators ... 38
Power, metallurgical and chemical engineering
  1. Akimov S.N., Soloviev A.A., Osmanov R.R. Surface hardening of titanium alloys by laser radiation ... 43
  2. Akimov S.N., Ablaev A.A., Ismailov S.R., Ametov A.E. Increasing the surface hardness of titanium and its alloys by laser radiation while maintaining the geometry of the products ... 48
  3. Ametov I.E., Kulinchenko R.A., Adzhibekirov M.M., Umerov E.E. Strengthening of surface layer and increase of corrosion resistance of titanium and its alloys by laser ... 54
  4. Ametov I.E., Ebubekirov E.D., Muaremov M.A. Increase of strength of structural building steels by laser-assisted heat treatment ... 60
Electrical and Electronics
  1. Nagirniak A.A. Ways to improve the energy efficiency of an asynchronous electromechanical converter with a double-layer rotor in industry electric drives ... 66
Informatics, computer engineering and management
  1. Inkizhekov A.A., Dulesov A.S. Features of the application of swarm intelligence in the optimization of neural networks ... 70
  2. Pupkova E.V., Dulesov A.S. Assessment of the structural reliability distribution electric networks of 6 (10) kV based on entropy ... 74
  3. Konovalov A.A., Dulesov A.S. Some aspects of the applicability of the theory of bifurcations in the problem of forecasting accidents in the electric grid complex ... 79
  4. Kornienko O.V. Performance of lambda expressions in high level programming languages ... 83
Materials science
  1. Roshchin M.N. The temperature regime of the Carbon fiber material with a modified friction surface ... 88
  2. Roshchin M.N. Surfacing of a metal-ceramic coating on a titanium alloy VT6 ... 92
Problems of personnel training in mechanical engineering
  1. Lashina E.N. Features of teaching a foreign language at a technical university. Methods and approaches ... 95