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Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2022. – Issue 17

Выходные данные

Physics and mathematics sciences

  1. Okunev V.S. Possible ways of synthesis of pure neutron matter and neutron nuclei ... 4
  2. Biryukov V.P. Analysis of the effect of laser hardening modes on the mechanical and tribotechnical properties of friction surfaces of steels ... 8
  3. Tyatyushkin A.I. Multi-method optimization of control in linear systems ... 13
  4. Zverev L.O., Zlobin V.G. Modernization of equipment of thermal power plants ... 28
  5. Okunev V.S. The hypothesis of mass multiplication in the era of quantum chaos ... 31
  6. Shifrin B.M., Eliseev I.V. Some statistical and psychological aspects of strategic games ... 36
  7. Roshchin M.N. Effect of load on the coefficient of friction in sliding bearings with carbon-containing bushings at high temperatures ... 41
  8. Gruzdkov D.A., Pudov D.A., Rachishkin A.A. Application of the CAN 2.0 standard for designing of the measuring network of a friction testing machine ... 45
  9. Pudov D.A., Gruzdkov D.A., Rachishkin A.A. Development of an algorithm for generating output data of friction machine sensors ... 49
  10. Roshchin M.N. Laser surfacing of metal-ceramic coatings ... 53
  11. Eliseev A.V., Nikolaev A.V., Mironov A.S. Features of the evaluation of the properties of mechanical oscillatory systems of the chain type using dynamic invariants ... 56
  12. Moiseev A.A. Estimation of pulse characteristics of a signal under noise-like interference conditions ... 66
Biological Sciences
  1. Solodovnikov A.Yu., Solodovnikova Z.A. The questions of health-care development in Tyumen region ... 77