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Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2021. – Issue 14

Выходные данные

Physics and mathematics sciences

  1. Plotnikov S.M., Kolmakov O.V. Determination of eddy current losses in ferromagnetics by the two-temperature method ... 4
  2. Bokhonsky A.I., Varminskaya N.I. Reducing energy for object movement when using a pneumatic drive with optimum throttle control ... 8
  3. Garanikov V.V., Kornilyev E.O. Study of creep of the AMg-6 alloy under complex stress state ... 14
  4. Roshchin M.N. Temperature distribution in the coating during the movement of the melting front over time ... 17
  5. Roshchin M.N., Krivosheev A.Yu. Effect of sliding velocity on tribological parameters of friction pairs with carbon-containing materials at high temperatures ... 21
Earth Sciences
  1. Solodovnikov A.Yu., Solodovnikov D.A., Solodovnikova Z.A. The rare and near-extincting animals accounting of Trans-Urals region: based on Kurgan region example ... 24