Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2020. – Issue 10. – 64 p.

Physics and mathematics sciences

Moiseev A.A. Photometrical interpretation of some radar equations ... 4

Sadchikov Yu.G., Zadorozhnaya N.M. Comparison of efficiency of the differential evolution algorithm and the particle swarm optimization ... 10

Roshchin M.N. Effect of sliding speed on the coefficient of friction of a modified surface of a carbon-carbon composite with tellurium at high temperatures ... 18

Murzaeva I.V., Nosov N.V., Yakubovich E.A. Research of the residual stresses forming at assembling of automotive glass ... 22

Orlov V.V., Belyakov M.V. Analysis of the flow obtained by synchronous scanning of a phosphor mixture ... 30

Zhukova A.B., Tedeev G.I., Maslennikov A.L. Self-oscillations analysis utilizing harmonic linearization in MathWorks MATLAB & Simulink ... 33

Biological Sciences

Tsegelskiy V.G. Hysteresis way of biological systems evolution from the perspective of non-equilibrium thermodynamics ... 40

Agricultural Sciences

Isaev S.P. Improvement by structural and technological system of construction of external walls of wooden low-rise buildings ... 59