Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2019. – Issue 8. – 82 p.

Physics and mathematics sciences

Tsvigun V.N., Koynov R.S. The model of powerful earthquakes is the pulse rupture of the circular basalt massif from compression by two forces acting on the same line ... 4-14

Kravchuk A.S., Kravchuk A.I. To the issue of the application of the general equations of solid equilibrium in constructing a consistent theory of bending plates ... 15-20

Vishnevskiy D.A. Reliability calculation for metallurgical equipment considering the probability of operator’s error ... 21-26

Roshchin M.N. Investigation of the effect of sliding speed on the coefficient of friction of carbon-containing materials at high temperatures ... 27-29

Papsheva N.D., Mladentseva O.A. Methods for improving operational indicators of welded joints ... 30-33

Alisin V.V. Calculation of service life and reliability of the face seal ... 34-37

Yurkevich A.V. Experimental evaluation of the of off-load power losses distribution between the structural mechanisms the continuously variable transmission named after Blagonravov ... 38-48

Maslennikov A.L., Scherbak O.Yu. Prospects for the development of biotechnical systems designed based on the human motor system ... 49-57

Biological Sciences

Isaev S.P., Ostapenko A.B. Thermodynamic features of glue state in the process of veneer gluing ... 58-61

Bondar K.E. The study of the phenomenon of elastic recovery of a jet of polymer melts during the extrusion of complex products ... 62-64

Farus O.A. The effectiveness of various methods of cleaning soil from oil ... 65-70

Bondar K.E. Dependence of the swelling coefficient on the Reynolds of polymer melts during extrusion of complex profile products ... 71-73

Earth Sciences

Lukienko L.V., Kamenskyi M.N. Accounting of additional indicators when modelling giving on the face drilling of ground installation ... 74-81