Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2020. – Issue 9. – 71 p.

Physics and mathematics sciences

Kakorin D.D. Mobile units with hybrid piston power plants ... 4

Boyko L.A., Ksendzenko L.S. Influence of types of crushed stone aggregate on the distribution of normal temperature stresses in asphalt concrete components ... 7

Roshchin M.N. Zirconium ceramics in friction points ... 19

Alisin V.V. Effect of a stabilizing additive on the tribological properties of zirconium ceramics ... 23

Chemical science

Tsegelskiy V.G. Hysteresis in periodic chemical reactions from the perspective of non-equilibrium thermodynamics ... 26

Agricultural Sciences

Chirkov V.V., Pimonov A.Yu. Automation of harvesting apple fruits ... 40

Chugunov S.V. Selection of options for sowing perennial grasses to produce organic seeds ... 48

Beliakov M.V., Efremenkov I.Yu. Investigation of luminescence spectra of pea seeds ... 51

Nersesyan M.A. Prospects for the use of rubber crumb in the construction of forest roads ... 54

Chugunov S.V., Rozhkov G.A. Methods of presowing seed treatment of legumes ... 57

Chugunov S.V., Rozhkov G.A. Review of devices for drying and scarification of seeds of grasses ... 60

Earth science

Kalybekov T., Rysbekov K.B., Sandibekov M.N., Zhakypbek Y., Begymzhanova Y.Y. The study of rational technology of reclamation of the mine-out quarry space ... 63