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Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – Seattle, USA: SRC MS, AmazonKDP. – 2024. – Issue 19

Выходные данные

Mathematics, mechanics, computer science
  1. Filimonov A.B., Nguyen Т.К. Method for solving the multiple traveling salesman problem with several depots ... 4
Materials science, physics, chemistry
  1. Okunev V.S. Another Physical Interpretation of the Fine Structure Constant: the Connection between Gravitational and Electromagnetic Interactions ... 11
  2. Biryukov V.P. Improving the tribotechnical properties of a multicomponent charge with carbide additives during laser surfacing ... 15
  3. Roshchin M.N. Application of Carbon fiber material in sliding bearings at high temperature ... 21
  4. Biryukov V.P., Goryunov Ya.A., Yakubovsky A.A. Determination of the abrasive wear resistance of polymer materials with fixed abrasive grain ... 24
  5. Roshchin M.N. Analysis of the melting front movement of the coating on titanium alloy VT6 ... 28
Earth sciences
  1. Khrustalev M.M. Elastic properties of the space-time continuum and a new model of the evolution of the universe ... 31