Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – North Charleston, USA: SRC MS, CreateSpace. – 2019. – Issue 7. – 42 p.

Physics and mathematics sciences

Zhukov I.A., Gorelov V.N. To the question about the analysis of the strength of complex structures of the elements of mining and transport machines ... 4-9

Alisin V.V. Wear-resistant ceramic-metal coating with ultrafine hardening phase for friction units containing crystals of zirconium dioxide ... 10-14

Roshchin M.N. The study of the influence of surface modification of carbon-containing friction materials on the friction coefficient ... 15-18

Gudimova L.N. To the question about creating the kinematic structure without redundant links for cutting metal ... 19-25

Bannyih S.A. Improvement of the stand for disassembly and assembly of engines and components ... 26-32

Biological Sciences

Maslennikov A.L., Scherbak O.Yu. Contour of muscular activity in wrist joint motion ... 33-38

Egorova E.A., Lisitsyn A.S. Method of diagnostics of electric infringements of myocardium ... 39-41