Journal of Advanced Research in Natural Science. – North Charleston, USA: SRC MS, CreateSpace. – 2019. – Issue 6. – 42 p.

Physics and mathematics sciences

Roshchin M.N. Increase of wear resistance of parts made of aluminum alloy D16 ... 4-7

Malinin V.G., Dimov A.A. The influence of the type of stress state and loading history, as the determining factors of relaxation treatment of steel products ... 8-19

Zhukov I.A., Zhukova E.V. To the question of kinematic resolvability of flat lever dyad mechanisms ... 20-28

Chemical science

Alisin V.V. Bending strength of ceramics based on zirconium dioxide at high temperatures ... 29-32

Biological Sciences

Ryu Chung Hyon, Pak Hi Pung The study on the antioxidant activities of polysaccharides isolated from cultured mycelium of the Cordyceps militaris ... 33-37

Sedykh D.A., Badamshin A.M., Kravchenko V.N. Influence of low-frequency contact ultrasound on the depolymerization of bone glue of the types "Palamed" and "Polacris" ... 38-41