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Transport, mining and construction engineering: science and production. - 2022. - №15

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Mathematics and Mechanics

Theoretical mechanics, dynamics of machines

  1. Rabetskaya O.I., Kudryavtsev I.V., Kolotov A.V., Mityaev A.E. Approximate formulas for the first eigenfrequency of curved beams at bending vibrations ... 9
  2. Eliseev A.V., Kuznetsov N.K., Nikolaev A.V. The concept of dynamic invariants in the evaluation of structural features of mechanical oscillatory systems ... 18

Mechanics of a deformable solid

  1. Rybkin N.N. Elastic hydrodynamic finite-element modeling of crosshead sliding bearing of marine diesel DB27 ... 31
Mechanical engineering

Machine science

  1. Sokolov M.P., Zemskov A.A., Kuts M.S. Trends in maintenance diagnostics of aircrafts power equipment and transmission ... 37
  2. Barmanov I.S. Numerical researches of radial and axial stiffness characteristics of hybrid ball bearing ... 47

Ground transportation and technological facilities and complexes

  1. Zenkov S.A., Dryupin P.Yu., Bondalet I.S. The use of silicone heating elements in the fight against soil freezing to the working bodies of earth-moving machines ... 53
  2. Polyakov P.A., Zadayanchuk N.A., Goncharova N.A. Improvement of traction and speed properties road trains ... 58

Machines, aggregates and technological processes

  1. Deniskina T.V., Bardovsky A.D., Gerasimova A.A. Ordered ball grinding of mineral raw materials on a vibrating curved surface ... 67
  2. Gerasimov M.D., Lyubimiy N.S., Ryazantsev V.G. Vibratory turning of structural steels and control of vibrations of the cutting tool in turning parts ... 72
  3. Makarova T.G., Urazakov K.R., Shipilova O.A., Khasanshina E.M. Procedure for determining system parameters "UETSN-jet pump" ... 79
  4. Sidorov D.E., Bogutskiy V.B., Kolesov A.G., Savelyev N.V. Development of technology for the manufacture of abrasive roughing tools based on the study of its composition ... 85
  5. Vasilyeva M.A., Volchikhina A.A., Atroshchenko V.A., Zelentsova A.A. Justification of the shape of the working chamber of a magnetic peristaltic pump ... 93
  6. Yaitskov I.A., Fedotov E.S., Starodub M.V., Vlasko A.A., Kuznetsov V.A. The influence of the direction of the air flow on the efficiency of the ventilation apparatus of the brake disc ... 99
Subsurface use and mining sciences

Geomechanics, rock destruction, mining aerogasodynamics and mining thermophysics

  1. Nilov A.S., Galinskaja O.O., Krasnov V.I. Analysis of methods for estimating the constants of brittle materials for the Johnson-Holmquist model in calculating their dynamic fracture ... 104

Geotechnology, mining machines

  1. Lagunova Yu.A., Khoroshavin S.A., Nabiullin R.Sh., Kalyanov A.E. Evaluation of metal structures of a mining excavator boom by non-destructive testing ... 115
  2. Korogodin A.S., Ivanov S.L., Knyazkina V.I., Gazizullina A.R. Geotechnology and mining and processing floating complex for the development of the «Pavlovskoye» deposit ... 124
  3. Bessonov А.Е., Shibanov D.A., Mikhailov А.V. The influence of the ergatic system on the working cycle time of a quarry electric excavator ... 136
  4. Sevagin S.V., Solovykh D.Ya., Mnatsakanyan V.U. Identification and provision of requirements for the quality of the surface of the hydraulic cylinder rod in contact with the seal ... 142
  5. Garashchenko Zh.M., Gabov V.V., Pryaluhin A.F. Technology, methods and technical means of extracting coal pillars ... 151
  6. Alieva L., Zhukov I.A. Analysis of the designs of a blade-less drilling tool and formulation of problems of its improvement ... 157
  7. Yungmeister D.A., Serzhan S.L., Smolensky M.P. Calculation of productivity of ferromanganese nodule mining complex with the use of rarefaction chambers ... 171
  8. Vatlina А.M., Korzhev А.А. Evaluating the reliability of the slurry transport system ... 177
  9. Prushak V.Ya., Dziulin D.A., Gegedesh M.G. Evaluation of the shaft No. 2 of mine 1 RUE "PA "Belaruskalii" strength based on computer simulation ... 183