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Transport, mining and construction engineering: science and production. - 2022. - №14

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Mathematics and Mechanics

  1. Eremyants V.E. Evaluation forces of resistance to movement rotational-pendulum impact mechanism ... 7
  2. Tashtanbayeva V.O., Borukeev T.S., Kozubai I. Numerical calculations of rope temperature changes under uniaxial tension ... 15
Mechanical engineering
  1. Nilov A.S., Zhukov D.A. The use of ceramic matrix composites in the designs of clutch units of highly loaded motor vehicles ... 21
  2. Nilov A.S., Galinskaja O.O., Krasnov V.I. Prospects for the use of composite materials in structures metalworking equipment ... 30
  3. Bogutskiy V.B., Sidorov D.E., Savelyev N.V. Analysis of control systems for parts and cutting tools of CNC lathes ... 38
  4. Tishchenko I.V., Rozhkov A.S., Bogutskiy V.B. Optimisation of the finishing technological schemes of investment castigns with vibratory-rotary machine tools ... 43
  5. Tsvetkova G.V., Naghawi Y., Al-Nadjar M. Pneumatic elevator motion control ... 47
  6. Ding Yongkang, Ivanova G.V., Tarasenko E.A. Research of the pump cylinder cleaning device ... 54
Subsurface use and mining sciences
  1. Lukienko L.V. About reducing the contact load in the rack-and-pinion haulage system of shearer loaders ... 60