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Transport, mining and construction engineering: science and production. - 2021. - №10

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Mechanical engineering and machine science

  1. Samokhvalova Zh.V. Magnetic-impulse method of surface strengthening treatment of parts working bodies of road construction machines ... 9
  2. Kulik V.I., Nilov A.S. The use of soldering and reactive bonding methods to obtain permanent joinings of articles from high-temperature carbon-containing materials ... 15
  3. Zenkov E.V. Autonomous technology platform with steering movement mechanism ... 20
  4. Kreshuk S.А., Lyumanov B.S., Yagyaev E.E. Technological support for the processing of products from marble and granite ... 26
  5. Zenkov E.V. Method for research construction strength of materials on standard testing equipment ... 31
  6. Bogutskiy V.B. Approaches to determining the processing error caused by the installation of technological equipment on the machine ... 35
  7. Novoselov Yu.K., Bogutskiy V.B., Tarakhovskiy A.Yu. Mathematical model for correcting the technological system settings based on the application of the evolutionary population of the finite-state machines ... 39
  8. Shron L.B., Seitablaev I.R., Yagyaev E.E. Increasing the resource of parts of automobile internal combustion engines by nanostructuring over the surface with laser pulses of nanosecond duration ... 44
  9. Bogutskiy V.B. Change in the reading force in the initial period of time after the grinding wheel correction ... 48
  10. Roshchin M.N., Krivosheev A.Yu. Influence of load and speed on the coefficient of friction at high temperatures in a sliding bearing with carbon-containing materials ... 52
Transport, mining and construction engineering
  1. Uraimov M., Erem'yants V.E. Hydraulic perforator with combined impact and mechanism rotation of the tool ... 56
  2. Artemenko S.A., Orlik G.V., Orlik A.G. Application of wear-resistant cord material for the restoration of worn teeth of a quarry excavator ... 63
  3. Tomleeva S.V., Moiseev G.D., Privalenko A.P., Kolesnikov P.G. Vibration-proof mechanism for the seats of operators of mining, construction, road and transport complexes with a loop-shaped rod element ... 70
  1. Zenkov S.A. Reducing the adhesion of soils to the working bodies of digging machines by the thermal method ... 76
  2. Shadrin A.A., Mikhailov M.E. On the use of low-grade wood in wooden homebuilding ... 80