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Mechanical engineering

Sizykh V.N., Bakanov M.V. Mathematical model for the adaptive control of wheeled mobile robot ... 9-18

Posmtiev V.I., Nikonov V.O. Promising design of automotive wheel module with independent four-link pneumatic suspension ... 19-22

Yurkevich A.V., Soldatkin V.A., Tereshin A.V., Yurkevich I.A. Method of experimental determination of fuel consumption under operating conditions of the motor vehicle with Blagonravov’s mechanical continuously variable transmission ... 23-27

Egorov V.A., Burlak I.A., Ivanov D.E. Use of polymeric anti-clinging sheets to the working bodies of earthmoving machines ... 28-32

Seliverstov N.D., Makarova D.A. Determination of functioning milling-mixing units of road milling cutter and hybrid machines under specified operating conditions ... 33-37

Rabat O.Zh., Li S.V., Murzakhmetova U.A., Nurgaliyeva M.R. Design features roll mill with a complex movement of working bodies ... 38-44

Shadrin A.A., Abgaryan A.U., Saulyak V.E. Robotic machines in the timber production ... 45-49

Abramenkov E.A., Lapteva I.V., Serebrennikov A.V. Dimensionless specific consumption of air for comparison the pneumatic impact mechanisms of different design ... 50-54

Zhukov I.A. Rational designing two-stage anvil block of mining impact machinery ... 55-60

Roschin M.N. Research of efficiency of sliding bearings in pumps 2VNR 32/20 and 1SNU4C with the grease water emulsion ... 61-64

Vodolazskaya N.V, Sharaya O.A. About the improvement of quality of preparation of specialists of higher qualification for energy-intensive industries ... 65-68

Eliseev S.V., Mironov A.S., Vuong Q.C. Question of development of methodological bases for the solution of problems of dynamics of transport and technological machines ... 69-79

Alisin V.V. The effect of the structure of crystals of zirconium dioxide on the tribological properties ... 80-83

Eliseev A.V., Kopylov Yu.R., Nikolaev A.V., Eliseev S.V. Vibrational technological processes: mathematical models of dynamical properties of technical objects ... 84-90

Kokoreva O.G., Fadeev F.O. Evaluation of the effect of rate of plastic deformation in the primary recrystallization of metals ... 91-93


Teptereva G.A., Akchurin H.I., Ismakov R.A., Konesev V.G. Lignosulphonates as effective reagents for the oil and gas industry ... 94-97

Perminov B.A., Yagubov Z.H., Dementyev I.A., Ignatyev K.G. Basic properties of two-structures of dynamic control of increments of the drilling parameters ... 98-101

Stepanov Yu.A. Visualization of the results geoinformational modelling of environmental indicators ... 102-105