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Modernization and innovative development of the fuel and energy complex: MIDFEC-2021

IV International Scientific and Practical Conference

October 7-8, 2021

The fundamental basis of the life support of any state is the fuel and energy complex, on the effectiveness of which the welfare of society, the activities of other sectors of the economy and the country's position in the world community largely depend.

The fuel and energy complex covers all the processes of field exploration and mining, fuel processing, production, transportation and distribution of energy resources.

The conference is dedicated to the exchange of experience and new scientific achievements in the fields of research of processes, equipment, machines, aggregates and complexes in the fields of extraction, processing and transportation of various energy resources, as well as in related industrial sectors.

In 2021 the conference will be held in a remote format via the Zoom service.

Conference MIDFEC-2021 is held in order to develop international scientific and technical relations, highlight relevant scientific information, discuss the state and ways to improve the facilities and processes of the fuel and energy complex, research problems of energy-efficient machinery and equipment of related industrial sectors, as well as exchange practical experience between specialists of the Russian Federation and other countries.

  1. 1. Fundamental principles and approaches to the study of objects and processes of the fuel and energy complex.
  2. 2. Machines and mechanisms of the fuel and energy complex.
  3. 3. Extraction and processing of natural resources.
  4. 4. Resource-saving technologies.
  5. 5. Transportation and storage of energy resources.
  6. 6. Coal industry.
  7. 7. Oil and gas industry.
  8. 8. Electric power industry.
  9. 9. General problems of the fuel industry.
  10. 10. Results of innovative activities in the field of energy efficiency.

At the end of the conference the authors can choose where to publish their reports, depending on the topic.

Proceedings of the conference;

Modern problems of machine theory (MPMT) - Issue 12;

Transport, mining and construction engineering: science and production (TMCE:SP) - Issue 12.

All materials submitted to the organizing committee of the conference undergo the procedure of "blind" review and anti-plagiarism testing.

Conference organizer:

Scientific Research Centre "MachineStructure" - it is one of the leading institutions of the Russian Federation that implement innovative and innovative activities aimed at solving applied and fundamental problems, performing design and development work, introducing the results of scientific research into practice and the educational process, attracting scientific and pedagogical staff of various Russian and foreign organizations to participate in innovative projects.

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